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Workshop Motorcycle Turntables

Soft-start, soft-stop
Variable speed


  • Rotate your bike 180 degrees in less than 30 seconds
  • Simple process with the press of a button
  • Turntable installed flush with the floor
  • Accommodates bikes of all sizes
  • Works with both side stands and centre stands

Having a flush-fit turntable in my garage has made such a difference. Getting my bike in and out is now such a breeze, where before the ordeal would often put me off going out for a ride.


More information

Our 2.4m Workshop Motorcycle Turntables are the preferred option in most cases as, whether in a garage or in a motor dealership, they can accommodate even the largest cruisers.

However, we can also provide smaller variants for particularly tight spaces, smaller bikes and even mobility scooters.

A flush-fit installation ensures there is no trip hazard and the turntable can blend neatly into its surroundings, ready to be used at a moment’s notice – manoeuvring a bike in a tight space or displaying stock – without proving a constant eyesore.

Our Workshop Motorcycle Turntables are included in each of our four product options.

Product Features Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Radio controlled operation

Adjustable bi-directional speed of rotation

Adjustable rate of acceleration and deceleration providing “soft-start” and “soft-stop”

Programmable up to 15 pre-set positions anywhere between 0 and 360 degrees, including a full 360 rotation for video

Programmable speed and direction of rotation

Home position button

Canon M6 Mk II camera (fixed)

Canon 800D SLR camera (handheld)

Windows 10 computer

Automatically crops eight pre-set images

Automatically crops 72 pre-set 4K images

Software for communicating with the camera and generating HD images

Software for communication with 360

Corporate logo – graphic overlay on all images (no-cost option)

Corporate logo watermarking on all images (no-cost option)

Compatible for video audio backing track (no-cost option)

Constant rotation during 360 image capture (reducing image capture time by 30 per cent)

Storage and display of all images via a 360 player on your website

Pinch, zoom and pan facility

Slideshow image gallery

360 player custom branding

Remote IT support via Team Viewer

24 months warranty against manufacturing defects from date of invoice

Finishes & Options


We have a number of interior finishes and options that can suit a variety of settings, whether a home workshop with an established aesthetic or a plush dealership showroom that must withstand daily wear while displaying stock in a smart, professional fashion.

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Motorcycle turntables can also be installed in a confined driveway space or a patio, where our varied exterior finishes and options ensure your game-changing bike solution can neatly blend into its surroundings.

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